Takin' the emo out of chemo

Cancer is a bitch and we hate cancer. If you’re a cancer patient who just started chemo, you’re invited to come into PREP Luxe for a free head shave.

We know you know to expect that your hair might fall out, and yet even after all that knowing, it is still a hugely emotional affair when it actually happens. We know because one of our co-founders - Jacqueline’s mum had cancer, and she saw how the journey wasn’t easy. (In spite of all of that, Jacqueline was inspired by her mum’s will and bravery to want to live.)

We wanna make that journey just that teeny bit lighter for you by offering free head shaves for chemo patients. We do it with dignity and discretion. We even have a curtained-off area if you prefer to do it without other people looking before you transition into your new wig.

Appointments must be pre-booked so that we can make arrangements for you. Please book in your appointment by dropping a Whatsapp message to 8876 1042 requesting for a Chemo Shave appointment.

Chemo is not easy but we salute you for being brave! Much love to you.

Jacqueline’s mum at PREP Luxe post-head shave

Jacqueline’s mum at PREP Luxe post-head shave