Haircuts are about redesigning the way your hair flows in a way that complements your face shape and the bone structure of your head.

Women: Stylist $65 / Director $95

Men: Stylist $40 / Director $60

Children: Stylist $20 / Director $30

Fringe Trim: Stylist $15 / Director $25



Unlimited Process
Ultimate colour service which includes advanced colour techniques in a multi-step process
Finish with a Classic Blowout
Short/Medium/Long: $300/$360/$420 (Add $80 for Director’s Rate.)

2 Step 
Colour + Colour
OR Colour + Highlight
OR Highlight + Highlight
Finish with a Classic Blowout
Short/Medium/Long: $200/$240/$280 (Add $80 for Director’s Rate.)

1 Step 
Colour OR Highlights
Finish with a Classic Blowout
Short/Medium/Long: $100/$120/$140 (Add $80 for Director’s Rate.)

Roots Retouch: Stylist $80 / Director $120

Add-on / Ammonia free dye option: $50



Triple Resistance *IN-HOUSE SPECIAL *
The Triple Resistance has benefits that can potentially last up to 3 months. Visible results include making unruly hair manageable and smoothening frizz. In turn, this will soften natural waves and help reduce styling time on a daily basis. The entire process is carefully customised by the hairstylist in order to cater to each person’s hair type and structure, ensuring optimal results.
Short/Medium/Long: $200/$240/$280 (Add $80 for Director’s Rate.)

Cold Perm
Texturised curls
Short/Medium/Long: $100/$140/$180 (Add $80 for Director’s Rate.)

Digital Perm
Natural, smooth curls
Short/Medium/Long: $200/$240/$280 (Add $80 for Director’s Rate.)

Full straightening
Short/Medium/Long: $200/$240/$280 (Add $80 for Director’s Rate.)



Half Updos
This includes sleek ponies, basic braids and asymetrical side-swept looks
Stylist $65 / Director $85

Consult with our creative stylists for a customized hairstyle
Stylist $90 / Director $110

Vintage/Themed Styles
Want a Gatsby ‘do, 70s disco curls, or an 80s mullet? We’ll get the intricate details so you fit the theme. By special request only
Director $140



Ashley & Co. Blowout: Natural
Ashley & Co Blowout is PREP Luxe’s first all-natural blowout, as it comes without sodium laureth sulphate, parabens, mineral oils, colourings or synthetic fragrance
Stylist $45 / Director $55

Evian Blowout: Purifying
Hair mask & Evian water rinse to remove product residue & impurities
Stylist $60 / Director $70

Freedom Range Blowout: Strengthening (Happy Hen Eggs) *NEW*
Freedom Range eggs are laid by healthy barn hens who are free to roam in their spacious barns. We’ve taken your homemade hair treatment and stepped it up a notch with our special in-salon recipe and only best eggs in town
Stylist $65 / Director $75



L’Oréal Smartbond: Strengthening
Strengthen bonds even as chemical services are performed on hair
Best done together with your colour, perm or rebond
Stylist $160 / Director $180

L’Oréal PowerMix: Repairing
Newest innovation in the market
Customised multi-masking that is excellent for repairing coloured hair
Stylist $180 / Director $200

L’Oréal Serioxyl: Scalp Maintenance
Scalp maintenance is akin to facial skincare
Purify your scalp in order to ensure healthy locks of hair
Stylist $180 / Director $200